Valentina Pergola



I'm Valentina Pergola, the designer behind Excess Jewellery.


I started to make jewellery when I was 18 as a hobby, during my fashion study, however over the years what I thought was a hobby has evolved into a full time career.

I always have been passionate about fashion, especially jewellery. 

I started designing, creating and selling my jewellery in Sicily, where I'm from.

I realised this was to be my career. 

I am now living in London where I have successfully continued to promote my handmade bespoke jewellery.

Full of flare and excess! 

My style is inspired by bold and vintage jewellery connected with my unique take on traditional Italian fashion, worn in new and exciting ways.

I craft materials, colours and with imagination create a mix I love... For me it is not just this, my creations tell stories from travels and they are inspirations from women of a unique style that is always in vogue, elegant, extravagant, and worthy to be kept forever.

Looking for a specific personal and bespoke item of jewellery?

Just complete the form on "CUSTOM ORDERS" and I will personally contact you.

Our motto is "Unique jewellery, as you are"!


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